Healthcare organizations today are finding network video solutions to be flexible, cost-effective and of high quality for their remote monitoring and surveillance applications.


Several transportation authorities have chosen network video to improve safety and security in their transit systems, or to view and share real-time information on traffic and road conditions.


The question of public security is an important one for governments at all levels around the world. Network video solutions are among the latest technologies that government institutions are investing in to protect citizens.

Camera Applications

We provide a full range of network video solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications, as well as specific solutions for specific situations.

Whether you need an IP-Surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, Up-N-Running can meet your needs.


Whether you run a single shop or a whole chain of malls, network video makes a noticeable improvement in your bottom line.


Network video is currently being used for monitoring manufacturing lines, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, automation, warehouse and stock control systems.


Students and teachers hampered by the threat of harassment or violence will be comforted by the presence of reliable network cameras in the school's public spaces.


Network video solutions are easy to use and offer all the functionality and reliability needed to protect staff, assets, and verify the bank's transactions.

City Surveillance

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens, acting both to detect and deter.