Routers & Firewalls

Threats to today's networks continue to grow, with attacks coming from both outside and within corporate networks. These threats can have devastating effects, ranging from business disruption due to a network outage, financial risk resulting from information loss, or liability issues stemming from information tampering.

Your applications offer many benefits, but can also introduce a variety of risks, if not secured properly. Using world-class security products and networking experience of Up-N-Running Consulting, we can securely deploy mission-critical applications and networks in a highly reliable manner, while you benefit from the significant investment protection and lower operational costs offered by our modular solutions.

Secure deployment: Enables businesses to safely deploy new applications by providing advanced application-layer security services for a wide range of popular applications, including Web-based applications, e-mail, voice over IP (VoIP), video, and multimedia applications. Hides corporate network addresses from the Internet for an additional layer of protection from attack.

Secure remote access to corporate network-Provides both SSL- and IPsec-based methods of threat-protected VPN connectivity to remote sites, business partners, and mobile workers.

Business resiliency: Prevents disruption of mission-critical applications and services due to security breaches by implementing world-class firewall, VPN, and networking technologies.

Up-N-Running's Engineers are here to help you protect your network investment, Optimize network operations, and prepare for new applications to power your business.

Network Optimization

Optimize your network for business evolution and innovation by improving network performance, preparing the infrastructure for change, and helping you succeed with new technologies.

Network Assessment: Assessments and strategy reviews help you improve network performance and prepare the infrastructure for future changes. We’ll help you optimize your network and fully test proposed changes, more effectively manage the software & hardware lifecycle, build a network management roadmap, and prepare your network for the future.

Network Support: Help make the network more resilient, stable, and predictable through support as you take action on Network Assessment recommendations. We’ll help you proactively identify issues, improve consistency, standardization, and performance, and more effectively manage change.

Network Learning: A robust set of resources and capabilities help prepare you to succeed with your new technology. Onsite, hands-on training sessions focusing on topics related to deployment and integration of your products and technologies.

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High speed Data & Voice

High Speed Data Access

  • Dedicated Gigabit Fiber
  • Broadband, T1, DS3, OC3, OC12
  • Access to the most bandwidth in the area
  • Equipped with state of the art equipment
  • Redundant servers, power and Internet
  • Professional design & support
  • Co-located Equipment

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Voice: Use advanced communications capabilities including telephone call processing, voicemail, automated attendant, and conferencing functions to respond to customers faster and save money on long-distance charges.

Video: Integrating voice, video, and web conferencing capabilities to give remote meetings a natural and effective face-to-face quality.

Wireless: Help employees be more productive and collaborate better through access to applications and information from anywhere they work.

Productivity: Use with integrated Smart Business Productivity Applications and existing desktop applications such as calendar, email, and customer relationship management programs.

Secure Routing: Reduce business risks associated with viruses and other security threats.

Get an advanced phone system that expands as your business grows and changes, without a lot of capital expense.